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Tips to find a good Domain Name

Tips to find a good Domain Name

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For some, the process of domain registration and choosing a domain name is a genuine mystery. But creating a good domain for your website does not have to be difficult. This is going to be your brand, and your source of income. It can’t just be some bland, vague name that fades into the background. It must be the perfect blog name. And perfect doesn’t just happen; perfect is made.

Your domain name and blog title are your audience’s first exposure to your “brand identity.” In addition to letting readers know what to expect from your blog, your blog title and domain name will help place your blog in web searches, which is crucial for generating web traffic (and profit!).

These five useful tips shall help you create a catchy, effective and memorable one.

1. Choose the right domain extension

Hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains are now available, including .design, .construction, .guru, .photography and more, so you don’t need to stick to a .COM when choosing the domain for your business. In fact, Google treats the new extensions exactly like any other domain.

With the new domains, this is the advantage that you receive. Instead of combining your business name with that particular keyword, the new extensions can do that for you. This lets you create a domain name that’s shorter, simpler and more relevant.

2. Add a keyword in your domain name

Adding a keyword in your website will let you rank in serach engines for conditions in your market.

You can include your specific niche market or a business term in your website name to ranking little easier. For example, adding “food” for a blog about food, or “sewing” in a sewing machine review site.

That said, you must tread when adding keywords carefully. You will discover negative correlations with domains that match keywords too closely.

It’s usually better to add one market term, but if you wish to choose a far more keyword-rich website, check out this guide for guidelines.

3. Keep it short and simple.

Try to shoot for one or two word names of domain. Avoid creating long and complicated names of domain because which good chance that customers will mistype or misspell your domain. Shorter names of domain are almost more memorable always. For example, visitors will remember your site’s name whether it’s blogteacher.com, than teachmehowtoblog.com.

Generally, the fewer words the better. Stay away from stop words like “the”, “of”, and “to” when possible.

I know you merely read them, but is it possible to remember both example names of domain without checking? I’m speculating you’ll have a problem with the precise words and order of these in the next domain.

Make an effort to remove a term from your domain name, and shorten the prevailing words to lead to a punchier, more memorable website name.

4. Protect and develop your brand

Keep the brand safe by registering any typos and misspellings of your domain. You do not want your opponents to join up your domain under a different extension and redirect any traffic back again to their site.

Tip: Once you’ve multiple domains, put them to utilize by redirecting them back again to your primary website or public media profiles.

5. Go with an ethical registrar

So if you want to register your domain with a registrar who doesn’t play any of these games, a domain registrar who:

  • never hides any fees
  • pays the registry for the same number of years you order, up front
  • gives you direct, unfettered access to your whois records, your registrar locks, your auth codes and even total control over your domain’s DNS settings like hostname records, mail exchangers and nameservers
  • offers a free whois email privacy service and will never sell your data to a third party
  • who doesn’t “monetize” your domains
  • a domain registrar who answers the phone and basically doesn’t try to upsell you or sell you a bunch of services you don’t need or want, who is courteous, professional and has over 8 years experience providing rock solid domain and DNS

Then you want to be dealing with Namecheap

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Syedzada Usman is a digital marketeer & CEO of Divulge Inc, Efffective Guide, and AU Exclusive. He believe in minimalistic life & is straight forward with his message.He helped individuals around the globe to achieve their goals via blogging.

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