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WordPress Tutorials Videos

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On WordPress Whether you're just getting you business started and you are still learning how to improve your online presence or you have had a site for a while and you just aren't happy with it, you may have heard of WordPress and might be wondering what WordPress is. Simply put WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs. It allows for a highly customizable...

Creating a WordPress Blog for your business can be exciting and fun but many business owners don't know where to start. http://businessconnectionslive.com On tonight’s edition of Business Connections Live, we talk to Rafi Akbar – Founder and CEO of Luckywebs about how to choose a Domain, install WordPress and customize the look of your websites Theme. Follow us on Twitter @businessconnec6 Follow Rafi @luckywebs for news on free courses on WordPress Building a WordPress Website from Scratch Startups are the...

In this video we demonstrate how to configure the Mobiloud plugin and test your own native mobile apps. Mobiloud is a premium service designed to convert your WordPress site into a native mobile app for iOS and Android. Mobiloud is easy to use, with no coding required. Install the Mobiloud plugin and design your mobile app for free. Try it as long as you want. Test it online and on your own device. To publish your app on...

This is the 3rd in our series of tutorials on WordPress, which is a free to use blogging tool. If you'd like to catch up on the previous posts, see here: 1minuteCPD guides to WordPress In this post we'll have a look at how you create blogs posts and demonstrate how you can either publish these immediately, or schedule them to be posted at a future date (Spoiler alert! This is how we manage our daily...