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WordPress Tutorials Videos

http://www.DiscountBlogSetup.com Create Your Own Blog from start to finish with no prior experience. By the time this video is over you will be able to create your own blog for .01 ( 1penny) for your first month. I will take you step by step on screen how to make your own blog using the WordPress platform. This will be a mobile responsive blog you create yourself. I will teach you how to setup, build & grow...

In this video we will go over how to install WordPress on your local computer using localhost. We will be using WordPress.org to get the WordPress files and Apachefriends for XAMPP. We will also be looking at how to solve common problems with your Apache server not starting up due to port numbers being in use by e.g. Skype or IIS. This video is part of a series on how to create a WordPress website from...

www.PodcampPittsburgh.com WordPress is a powerful open-source CMS (Content management system) that is perfect for Podcasters and bloggers. But, it is more than a blogging platform. WordPress can be used for e-commerce, membership sites, online courses and more. In this session you will learn the basics needed to get your site off the ground. We will go through the process of getting a Web host, installing WordPress, and installing a theme and plugins. We will also review some...

WordPress Introduction (IMSimplify.com) CLICK HERE for more details: http://imsimplify.com/im-essential-basics/wordpress-introduction/ People who Watch this Video: Will know the basics of WordPress so that they can get started almost immediately. Main topics covered are 1. WordPress Appearance (Themes, Widgets and Menu) ...

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Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL WordPress Dashboard Tutorial Overview for WordPress Beginners After you log into your WordPress admin or your WordPress backend the first thing you'll see is the dashboard. The panels in the dashboard will give you a quick at-a-glance overview of the activity on your site. The dashboard looks the same if you've installed a self-hosted WordPress site or if you use the WordPress.com dashboard. By default, there are 4 panels in...