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WordPress Tutorials Videos

WordPress is a great, free to use, blogging tool. If you have not yet seen the other posts on WordPress, catch up now: 1miunteCPD WordPress tutorials. Categories and tags are a really useful way to help you to organise your posts and to make your content easier to find. If you are using blogs with students, they can also tag posts against your learning outcomes or marking criteria so they can indicate where they feel they have...

Premium Website Hosting from maina Hosting maina Hosting is a prominent hosting vendor, offering you a one-stop solution for managing your private or business online presence. Our multilingual Control Panel enables you to easily administer your websites. You will be able to use the newest stable releases of MySQL and PostgreSQL and to select your PHP version (PHP 4/5/6). 99.9 percent server uptime and thirty-day money-back guarantees are included as well. https://mainahosting.com/ source...

In this tutorial (part 3) we will be exploring the WordPress control panel/user interface. This is the third video in the series about WordPress for beginners which will be showing you how to create your own themes and plugins. We will be covering sections for pages, categories, tags, posts, menus, themes, plugins and much more in this tutorial. At the end of this series you should have enough knowledge to build your own theme and plugin...

In this video, we're going over Part 1 of our WordPress for Internet Marketing series. We talk about how to install WordPress to your local development environment, how to set up your database, and how to build a functioning base for a WordPress niche product, e-commerce, blog or marketing site. Note: This video assumes you have a working local server - I'm using MAMP. MAMP: https://www.mamp.info/en/ WordPress: https://wordpress.org/ Nisarg Theme: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/themes/nisarg/ --- In Part 2, we are going to go...

Kyle Maurer: Getting Started with Freelancing Public Square WORDCAMP NORTHEAST OHIO 2016 Speaker: Kyle Maurer June 24, 2016 — When in the early stages of offering WordPress related services for clients there are a lot of unknowns. Questions like: – How do I price a project? – Where do I host the client’s site? – What do I do when the scope begins to creep? – Where do I go when I get in over my head? – How...

Computer Tutorial Present New Course : How to make a Wordpress website 2016. Learn how to create a website step by step with no step skipped. Why make your website just ok, when you can have an extraordinary WordPress website? This is the best I have ever done and I will show you how in under 3 hours. Introduction Introduction Overview & Costs Get Domain Name & Hosting Get Hosting & Domain Name Get 35% Discount enter...