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WordPress Tutorials Videos

icanget2 http://goo.gl/Yev3Ok Convert your Wordpress site or blog in to a mobile app within minutes. Have you seen the silent salesman mobile marketing app? It the ideal Global Mobile Marketing and communication Tool for any small business: http://goo.gl/Yev3Ok small business mobile marketing small business mobile mobile website business mobile website developers small business mobile app small business mobile websites mobile websites for small business business mobile website mobile websites for small businesses small business mobile website mobile...

If you've not yet set up a Wordpress account, take a look at the first video in this series (#202 Getting started with WordPress blogs [1/5]: Setting up an account). You can control the look and feel of your blog by selecting a theme that best shows off your content. Wordpress has loads of great themes available, including a good library of free options. Take a look to see how you can amend your theme in...

WordPress is a great, free to use, blogging tool. If you have not yet seen the other posts on WordPress, catch up now: 1miunteCPD WordPress tutorials. You might not want your blog to be public, or you might simply want to prevent it appearing in search results. In WordPress this is very easy to change. If you set your blog to private, only those that you invite to your blog will be able to see it. source...