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WordPress Tutorials Videos

NYC Web Dude's WordPress Tips Series kicks off with getting Started with WordPress, the most popular CMS. In this video I am just giving you some basic introductory WordPress tips for beginners, before we delve into the WP dashboard(WP 101 - WordPress for dummies), tips, tricks and tweaks and much for in 2015. I will also be posting WordPress tips on the blog starting from tonight, so look out for that. Please note that most of...

If you are thinking of getting started with WordPress, It's the best video series to learn from scratch Please complete html, css, psd to html, responsive web design and php first to get started with this video series if you think you are not perfect enough in Responsive Web Design with CSS3 and HTML5 without Bootstrap, then please complete Responsive Web Design and PHP and then get started with wordpress.. It's just a suggestion to keep you on...

Full Playlist: http://www.sneeit.com/2015/06/discover-special-things-about-wordpress.html Discover special things about Wordpress / 2.Getting Started / 2.2 Take Control of your Environment The first step in taking advantage of the most powerful parts of WordPress is getting control of the environment you’re developing in. I’ll show you how to use version control and core configuration changes to modify your WordPress install so that it works for you. ===================================================== This course will help you discover a few special things about WordPress that you didn’t know...